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During the year 2146, the world suffers from new forming diseases, scientist from around the world collecting data and coming together as they attempt to come across a cure. The United States power has been broken up into three powers led by (The Leader), (The Scientist), and (The Commander). Together they have created a project to save the world. Focusing in on a small city in New York where the Government has laid base, they gather young adults and teens from the foster system around the city to test this new medicine. Little did these subjects know that what they were being given was nothing close to the cure they believed. Waking up to new found abilities, six adults struggle within the grasps of the government, being used as their lab rats. But not for long. Discovering and learning about the true intentions of Project Halusc, the six break away fighting for their lives as they slip into hiding. Only to emerge with a revenge fueled plan against the government and all those that supported their cause. The six rebels of Project Halusc must work together and learn as they work their way up the ladder, destroying the corrupted government that they once trusted.

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